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The technology company that services the customers, not just the computer.

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About CTA


CTA is a full service web site company.   Our successful design and development group boasts skills in open source technology and systems.   We would like to hear from you whether you are a sole proprietor or a large nationwide firm.   We are the company who services the customers, not just the computers.

About Us

Comfort Technical Assistance offers web services and works closely with management to target your goals.   CTA emphasizes client vision, strategy, and goals, and assists you to find solutions to support them.   No project is too small or too large, thanks to our network of business partners.

CTA provides much more value than a typical webmaster service through our consultative approach.   We offer recommendations, advice, and best practices without the attitude.   We aren’t just another set of hands.   We will work with you to achieve the best possible results.

CTA is striving to be a recognized provider of fun, comfortable technical experiences for our clients and employees that fosters long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect and service excellence.

Management Team:

Our executive management team is made up of energetic, compassionate, and highly seasoned professionals with over 70 years of technology experience among us. We share a common vision of bringing corporate level service to the end user.

The women who initially formed the CTA approach are long-time friends who are formidably seasoned to the ways of technology. We have a continued passion for the people with whom we work. Whether it’s giving a fun, educational seminar at a senior center or implementing a wide area network over frame relay, we have the same client-centric attitude. We don’t need to dazzle you with some new system we’re desperate to get on our resume. We simply want to give you a proper understanding of the possible solutions so that you can concentrate on your business success.




Management profiles start at 20 years in technology.


Certifications, higher education, and specialties.


With vendors and strong technical experts.


Focus on working with people and adjusting services for the client's convenience.


Web Projects

Web site
Web site and e-commerce development
Web site
Search engine optimization strategies
Supplemental IT professionals

Our complete web services include:

Identify your web site goals (sell products, disseminate information, etc.)

Determine your target audience (consumers, wholesalers, etc.)

Translate needs and goals into requirements

Create an approach and design

Develop, edit, and review the pages

Integrate applications - e-commerce, payment solutions, promo codes

Deploy the web site and assist with search engine keyword selection, optimization, and make other promotional suggestions

Host the web site with domain name (company identity) e-mail accounts

CTA Web Site Hosting includes these services and more:


Our webmail interface enables you to retrieve your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet. Check out the new features: shared calendars, weather report, and server-side mail filters.

E-mail Administration:

Our secure, easy-to-use e-mail administration application enables you to add/change/delete e-mail accounts, reset passwords, forward notes to another account, and more.

Web Site Usage Statistics:

Detailed usage reports can be viewed with a standard browser. Data is updated nightly. The main page of the report is only a summary. Click on a month to see several pages of detailed information.


The Total Solution

Web sites are complex combinations of marketing strategy, targeted writing, image building, and creativity. Unfortunately, many webmasters operate on the "what's cool" principle and neglect the business objectives. CTA will ensure that your web presence is professional, comprehensive, and represents your business properly.

A Technology Company

The need for a web presence doesn't end at the browser. As a technology company, CTA is equipped to size bandwidth, engage appropriate service providers, allocate servers, install firewalls, and integrate billing and product catalog applications. CTA is uniquely positioned with cutting edge marketing and customer services built on a foundation of technical expertise.


If you want to work with CTA, you probably have these common traits!

  • You have varied technical experience and enjoy reading, researching, and expanding your skills.
  • You don't mind getting out of the office and having more control over your lifestyle.
  • Your friends and neighbors seek you out for a, "Quick question about my computer..."
  • You feel a sense of satisfaction when you finish a project especially because you too learned something new.
  • You like solving issues and it is even better when your client is able to help themselves in the future because of having worked with you.
  • You would rather be around enthusiastic people whose sense of vision keeps them on the lookout for that next new technical solution to benefit our clients.
  • You aren't defined solely by what you do and your egotism is limited to an admiration of family and friends!

Open Positions:

We do not currently have any immediate needs. However, CTA is always looking for experienced people who can serve as subject matter experts on an infrequent basis or pitch in on a project after-hours. We maintain an extensive network of IT professionals throughout the United States who are always ready for our call and anxious to hear what new project is on the horizon.


Comfort Technical Assistance has formed relationships with a variety of leading technology companies in order to provide our clients with a more comprehensive range of reliable solutions.   Partners experience a broad array of benefits such as leveraging CTA’s knowledge and relationships to create the best overall solution for the client.   Partners have the opportunity to expand their exposure in the technical services marketplace.

Tricky issues arise when more than one organization merges with others.   Together, vendors should develop a plan that lets each team gain their respective objectives, and as a group, meets the client’s business needs.   CTA goes to great efforts to promote a collaborative, customer-centric environment.   Success depends not on whether the individual scores but whether the team wins.

Partner Traits:

If your team has a highly specialized offering, and you are an industry influencer, please contact us to discuss a possible relationship with CTA. Examples of partner core competencies:

  • Data Recovery Experts, particularly with virus and ad-ware elimination.
  • Hardware Repair and Replacement Shop.
  • Hardware Dealer or Reseller, including computer, telecom, etc.
  • Data or Voice Products and Services Provider.
  • IT Outsourcer or Recruiter.

Customer Support

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